We started the night out with all of the women involved in the MITB ladder match coming out, along with Shane McMahon and the champ, Naomi. Before anyone could really say anything, Lana made her debut. She came out in a very expensive-looking dress (not wrestling gear), and essentially said that she wanted to be in the ladder match. Naomi laughed at her and asked her how many people she had beaten in her career, and Lana responded saying that she could beat Naomi. Everyone got in Lana’s face, and Shane told her to jog on; she said something in Russian and stormed off.

What a debut, demanding a chance at a title shot before having a hissy fit and leaving. I’m so behind Lana right now.


Charlotte/Naomi/Becky Lynch VS. Carmella/Tamina/Natalya

We already saw this match at Backlash. Like, this same exact match. Did we really need to see it again, or isn’t there something better that we could do with these ladies until MITB? Lana couldn’t have a match against Carmella or Natalya (or anybody) or…well, anything? Sure, Lana came down and swept out Naomi’s leg–so you can’t say that she did nothing–and then Tamina pinned her. That seems a little bit weird, but I guess they’re trying to really show that anyone could win the MITB ladder match, which is a good thing to instill in people.

Decent match. Wasn’t bad. Wasn’t great. I wish Lana did her own thing for her debut, but whatever.

Carmella/Tamina/Natalya Defeat Charlotte/Naomi/Becky (Pin)

Mojo Rawley was actually on Smackdown this week, and Shane gave him a match against the champion, Jinder Mahal. The stipulation is that if he wins the match, he gets to go to the MITB ladder match. This is a great idea! More on that later in the night.

AJ Styles VS. Dolph Ziggler

This match was a lot of rolling around on the mat and trying to get pins on each other, which was okay (enough). I think they were playing off of the whole finish of the last match that they had, how Dolph supposedly wasn’t supposed to pull AJ so far away from the rope.

The match was fine, though. It looked like Dolph was going to get a dirty pin on AJ a couple of times, but AJ rolled him up into the Styles Clash and pinned him. It was classic 50/50 booking and bides some time until the MITB ladder match, but who knows? Maybe we’ll see this turn into a real feud at some point; although, I don’t really know how much I want to see that.

AJ Styles Defeats Dolph Ziggler (Pin)

The bits between The New Day and Breezango are actually pretty funny, as are all of the “Fashion Files” segments. I’m not sure if they’re going to give Breezango another title shot against The New Day after they inevitably win the titles. I don’t think that Breezango could beat The New Day if they couldn’t beat the Usos, though, so I’m not sure how long The Fashion Police will be a notable part of SD Live.

Jinder Mahal VS. Mojo Rawley

I guess Mojo isn’t really going to get that push towards MITB after all, then. Yes, Mojo lost this match, but I can’t really blame the booking on this one. They obviously want to make Jinder look strong going into his match against Randy at MITB. I wish that Mojo was getting some kind of attention, though, since he did win the battle royal at Wrestlemania. Ah, well, I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much in terms of Mojo right now. He may have had his moment in the sun already.

Jinder Mahal Defeats Mojo Rawley (Pin)

Randy Orton’s interview this week relied a lot less on “good old-fashioned American beatdowns,” which was good. It’s 2017 now, WWE. We don’t need crap like that in our programming, we can have foreigner heels without them being heels because they’re foreign.

The New Day VS. The Colons

Squash match. I almost thought for a moment, that by losing the “Shooting Stars” gimmick, the Colons might be taken a little more seriously. They are not being taken more seriously, they’re still just punching bags. However, after the match, The Usos came out and cut a really good heel promo, making fun of each member of The New Day. They’re doing a good job as heels, I must say, though I do want to see what The New Day does as champs!

The New Day Defeats The Colons (Pin)

Baron Corbin beat up Sami Zayn and took his guest spot on commentary for the main event. That was a thing. Sami Zayn must have pissed someone off or something, right? Right after that, however, Naomi told Shane McMahon that she wants Lana at MITB, and she put her championship on the line. Don’t really know what to make of Lana getting a title shot so quickly, but now that’s a thing. And that makes the PPV that much more interesting.

Kevin Owens VS. Shinsuke Nakamura

This was a pretty good main event; finally, Nakamura had a pretty good match! Kevin Owens is already over as hell, so that doesn’t matter, but Nakamura needed a little bit more steam. I think that he’s starting to get it now.

Owens might have actually hit the pop-up power bomb on Nakamura, but he countered. He managed to hit Owens with the Exploder, and then with his finisher for the win. The match was definitely entertaining! It didn’t go too long, it wasn’t too short, it was a good main event with two very talented wrestlers. Then, of course, in heel fashion, Baron Corbin stormed the ring from behind and hit Nakamura with the End of Days.

They’re building all of the wrestlers in the MITB ladder match really well, and I’m very excited to watch the match!

Shinsuke Nakamura Defeats Kevin Owens (Pin)

Overall, it was a pretty good Smackdown. I enjoyed pretty much everything I saw to some extent. Every week that I don’t have to see “Bayley, This is Your Life,” I consider a blessing.

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