X-Men: Gambit Conceptual Fight Starring Tatum’s Stunt Double

Antal Kalik was Channing Tatum’s stunt double on 22 Jump Street and Jupiter Ascending, so it makes perfect sense that he was filmed as Gambit in a pre-viz stunt fight by Vlad Rimburg to showcase what he could do if Tatum’s director for X-Men: Gambit decided to cast Kalik. This isn’t official footage from the film itself, just a conceptual video to show the producers Kalik’s abilities.

The stunt fight itself is pretty radical, and even has some VFX added to it to better highlight the powers that Gambit has at his disposal. Based on the fight though he really doesn’t need special powers, because Kalik is quite competent at kicking ass and taking names with Gambit’s bo staff. The whole card to the face trick is pretty gnarly as well, but knowing how Marvel likes to keep things PG-13, I don’t think we’d ever see a kill shot like that in the final film. You can check out the X-Men: Gambit conceptual stunt fight video above.


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