‘X-Men: First Class’, the upcoming prequel to the X-Men films has been set to debut June 3, 2011.  Do you think the whole comic book movie fad is getting old?  Hell No!  I’d much rather see these movies beat to death, than some real-life movie that makes me depressed and hate the person that I am.  That provocative junk is for more sophisticated folk.  I like to live in a fantasy world, and comic book movies are great companions to keep me occupied in my child-like mind.

I guess “First Class” will focus on the infamous struggle between Magneto and Professor X.  If you’re a comic book geek, or X-Men fan, you’ll recall that Magneto and Xavier were once chummy pals.  I guess that will be the basis for this prequel to the ‘X-Men’ movie adaptations.  I’m sure it’ll be watchable and make some white guy tons of dough, but I’d still like to see a darker X-Men movie.  Damn you PG-13 ratings, and the increased audience of little shits you provide for increased ticket sales!  We need more gore!

No actors have been hired to play little X-Men yet, but hopefully the actors who played Xavier and Magneto will be back.  I love watching Gandalf and Captain Picard getting their mutant on with each other.  I’ll keep my eyes open for anymore details.  You’ve been telepathically enlightened…

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