This piece of news kind of shocked me at first because Microsoft isn’t known for its generosity.  It seems we are always getting nickled and dimed with any of their products, especially their gaming division.  Now I’m not an MS hater, I actually am a faithful PC geek and 360 enthusiast, but sometimes it feels like they’d charge me for the air I breathe while on their platforms.

Capitalism aside MS is finally giving it’s Xbox 360 owners something for free.  Well I wouldn’t really say they’re giving us something for free.  Rather they’re going to provide an OS update for the 360 that will allow gamers to use USB memory sticks for additional file storage.  Now don’t get too excited because they’re throttling your device’s allowed memory in each USB port to only be 16GB, so at best you could add another 32GB of memory to your console.  Hey any additional memory is nice in this digital age, especially now that most of the content can be saved to your HD.

If the extra 32GB’s isn’t enough for your storage needs you could always go MS’s preferred route and buy the new 250GB HD that recently went on sale.  Sons of bitches just keep rolling out add-ons to us suckers.  Well this time I’m going to pass.  If I need more than my current 120GBs I’ll try out the new USB memory support deal that should drop on a console update April 6th.

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Major Nelson]


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