Xbox Empire Strikes Back Avatars In Celebration of 30yr Anniversary

Did you ever think ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ would be celebrated with Avatar costumes for its 30th anniversary?  Well, welcome to the future my fellow Star Wars geeks, because starting tomorrow Xbox 360 gamers will be able to do just that.  Lucasfilm will be releasing various Avatar costumes and props for gamers to dress up their digital-selves with, in celebration of the 30th year since ESB was released in theaters.  Cha-Ching, goes George’s bank.

Honestly though, these little costumes are f*cking awesome.  I’m such a sucker for Star Wars gimmicks, and have been bent over multiple times by the Lucasfilm licensing machine, so it doesn’t surprise me that I’m down with these ESB outfits.  If I had an overflow of cash right now I’d definitely be buying a good chunk of these Avatar items.  I’m sure the prices will be outrageous, but Star Wars gamers will cash in those points faster than Lucas can ruin another classic franchise.

Take a look at the collection below, which will include:

Imperial snowtrooper (male and female), Boba Fett (male and female), Lando costume with cape (male), Chewbacca (male and female), Rebel snowspeeder pilot (male and female), Han Solo Hoth outfit (male), Leia Hoth outfit (female), Bossk (male and female), C-3PO (male and female), AT-AT pilot (male and female), and props like a tauntaun pet, a ballcap with Yoda ears (male and female), and a green-lightsaber!

I totally want the Boba Fett skin, and how about that green lightsaber!  Shit!  I need more disposable income fast.  I could spend $50 on this bullshit just because I’m a sucker for the old-school Star Wars universe, not to mention Empire, which could be the best movie in the whole series.  We shall see, maybe I’ll sell some plasma or something.  Don’t forget these Avatar items drop tomorrow, May 20th, the eve of “The Empire Strikes Back” 30th anniversary.  You’ve been frozen in carbonite…

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