Xbox Game Pass Program To Include New Releases

Phil Spencer released some news talking about the newest update coming to the Xbox Game Pass program. Originally, this subscription service included a select library of games that you could play so long as you were signed up for the program. This newest announcement is huge in terms of providing for the fans of the Xbox. The Xbox Game Pass will now release Xbox One console exclusives the same day they are globally available. This is monumental, as true Xbox fans will get their exclusives the day they release.

This new addition includes upcoming titles like Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2, as well as all of the other exclusives Xbox offers, as they release. Xbox is also working on partnering with retailers to get a 6-month pass for the program, priced at a hefty $59.99. This price surely is outweighed by the titles that you will receive in the new update. This will start on March 20th, the release of the upcoming title, Sea of Thieves. You can view the full article here.

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