Xbox Girls Strike Back: These Chicks Know How to Bring It!

Close to a year ago I posted a skit of some gamer girls viciously busting some dude’s balls over Xbox Live.  The sad thing is the skit really isn’t too far from reality except it’s usually little kids doing the sh*t talking, and not good looking girls.  Well, luckily for us people that can’t move past d*ck, fart, and p*ss jokes, CH has posted a follow up skit to their education in videogame smack talking called, ‘Xbox Girls Strike Back’.

This one is even raunchier than the last, and it made my own member ache to hear some of the various forms of pee-pee torture that these girls were colorfully shouting into their headsets.  I would have to say that the minds behind this skit are extremely disturbed, yet I applaud them for their excellence in vulgar insults.  Even with all of the creative language I’ve personally heard while playing with the filth of Xbox Live, I still can’t remember hearing any insults as brutal as these.  Sure it’s just a skit, but someone had to come up with the material, and whoever that is, they have one of the greatest minds for coming up with over-the-top crap talking for girl gamers that I’ve ever heard.

You have to see the video to believe for yourself.  I’ve promise you’ve never heard something like this in your life.  There’s just something mystical about hearing women stoop to the level of men when it comes to on-line gaming.  You’ve not been able to get some of these insults out of your head…




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