Xbox Live Limited and PSN Still Down From Christmas Attacks

Lizard Squad, the hacker group that had promised to take down Xbox Live and Playstation Network on Christmas day, have indeed delivered on that promise. Both services went down, and are still not fully functional as of 10:45 am EST this morning, although it appears that Xbox Live is almost fully restored.

The group previously stated that after a certain amount of retweets they’d put the services back online, but they’re still not operational, which is a damn shame, especially since the attacks took place on Christmas day, preventing thousands of gamers from playing with their new consoles and games.

Microsoft and Sony are likely losing thousands by the minute with all the downloadable sales they would be making over the holidays, and parents are likely angry that their kids can’t use their new Xbox Ones and PS4s. All we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the group releases the services soon so that we can all finally get to play our shiny new Christmas games.

You can monitor the status of Xbox Live below, which is currently listed as limited.

XBL Status

You can monitor the status of the PSN below, which is still listed as down, but the page doesn’t seem to update regularly.

PSN Status

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