Xbox Live TV Channel: Who Gives a Blank!

It seems there are talks in place to create a Xbox Live TV channel for use on the Xbox Live service.  Unfortunately, true to most Microsoft innovations and products, it will cost extra money on top of the $50 a year subscription fee.  MS execs have talked about creating this channel with content geared towards the male demographic, which is the main population using the Xbox Live service.

They’re talking about charging an additional $8 monthly, $20 tri-monthly, or $50 annual fee for Gold subscribers who want the channel.  They’ve also talked about just increasing the Gold subscription fee by an additional $12-$24 bones a year.  I give that a “super beat” stamp of disapproval.  I’m all about having the option to pay for a Xbox Live TV Channel, but I’m not all about having my subscription fee increased for a product I don’t really give a shit about.

Hopefully Microsoft will do the right thing.  A Xbox TV channel sounds cool, but not cool enough to justify paying more money for it.  I mean could the content really be that engaging?  Maybe if it featured old-school gladiator battles as seen in “Spartacus Blood and Sand”, but I don’t think the Gods will be blessing us with such glory.

You’ve been hit up for mo’ money…

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