Xbox One Gets Backwards Compatability

It’s that special time of year again, when all of the games industry takes over a few square miles of conference center and the news comes thick and fast.

In between the latest gameplay trailers and reveals, Microsoft managed to slip in some news that will make a lot of  their fans very, very happy.

From this holiday season over 100 Xbox 360 titles will be available, for free, on your Xbox One. According to the announcement your digital store games will download automatically when they become available, while 360 discs won’t be compatible but will automatically trigger a download of the compatible version when you insert them.

For a while Backwards Compatability seemed like a lost cause, with many people’s game collections left to gather dust, so it’s exciting to see Microsoft take this step. Especially when PlayStation Now left the field open for a pay to play model.

Stay with us as we bring you all the E3 2015 news!


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