The dust from the Xbox One reveal event is starting to settle, and new details are being released with each passing minute. The reveal event left many gamers wondering if the One actually played games. Some felt the focus on the all-in-one entertainment box was too strong, and the lack of video game speak left them feeling unsure about Microsoft’s intentions with the Xbox One.

We’ve been able to gain access to the official Microsoft Xbox One press site, and it definitely has shed some light on the capabilities of the new console. Yes gamers, the Xbox One does in fact play games, and it will even try to make your Xbox Live multiplayer experience more efficient than ever before!

This will be accomplished through the new Smart Match system that will be implemented in Xbox Live 3.0 (jacked the name from Phil Harrison). Think of Smart Match as the Xbox One’s multiplayer AI social director. The system is built to make your online gaming experience as efficient as possible. It will estimate wait times to join game lobbies, which will allow you to continue enjoying other features of the console such as Skype, or watching live TV. When your game match is ready it will move you from whatever app you were using right into the match. This virtually eliminates any multiplayer lobby wait time, and it will allow you to keep your ADD riddled brain occupied in between pwning sessions.

This new feature will be a godsend for¬†someone like myself who has to have 50 things going on at once just to feel productive. I’m sure most of you who play online know what it’s like to sit and stare at “waiting to connect” screens while trying to get some multiplayer gaming in, so Smart Match’s ability to keep you distracted should be a welcome addition to us all.

Allowing you to multitask while waiting on games to begin isn’t the only improvement Smart Match will make to the Xbox One gaming experience either. Microsoft states that the technology will actually take your XBL player reputation into account now. The system should now match you with players of similar skill, game styles, and languages. Hopefully this will eliminate some of the trash and nonsense from your online gameplay sessions. Smart Match will hopefully pair you with gamers that play like you, act like you, and don’t shit on you if you know what I mean.

From the official Xbox One fact sheet: Smart Match. Estimates wait times for multiplayer gaming and lets you enjoy other Xbox One activities including live TV, Skype or sports experiences while waiting for a new game to begin. On Xbox One, your Xbox Live reputation fundamentally matters and helps you find the best match based on skill, game style and language for a deeper online multiplayer gaming challenge.

Microsoft may have held a few Xbox One cards close to their chest yesterday, but we should hold out final judgment until more details get written in stone and confirmed. Until then most things you’re reading are based on hearsay and speculation. With that being said, new details will be rolling out like clock work, so we will stay on the ball to make sure you get the most well informed Xbox One news that an indie site can provide. I have faith that MS will rebound from their lackluster console reveal as more information comes out about other features such as the Smart Match system.


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