The Xbox One is getting some new updates this month, including some pretty useful stuff that’s been plaguing the system since it came out. Party chat options are now made a whole lot clearer in the party chat window, such as whether or not you’re in game or party chat, if your mic/kinect is turned on or off, and just generally making the options more clear.

Achievements notifications are also getting a facelift, so that when they pop up, not only do they show the name of the achievement and how much it’s worth, but also what you did to get it. I’ve been waiting for that for a while because sometimes I get achievements and just wonder “Why the hell did I get an achievement, I don’t even think I did anything.”

The What’s On channel is also now available on the Xbox One home screen, and will show you things like the top videos, top games, top movies, and recommended items for you in the store! The new stuff is all pretty cool, nothing serious, but all pretty helpful! Check it out in the video above!


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