Xbox Slim RROD Prevention Program – She’ll Just Shut Down

I mentioned last week that the new Xbox Slim can’t display the Red Rings of Death because it doesn’t have red LED’s anymore, but that doesn’t mean the new 360 won’t overheat and break.  I guess someone received the message you see above, which basically implies that if your new Xbox 360 Slim gets too hot it’ll shut itself down until it’s safe to turn on again.  It’s a nice prevention program, but why can’t Microsoft just make a freaking console that doesn’t run at Hell like temperatures?

I have the new Xbox, and it does run quietly, although it still has a hum to it, but she does get extremely hot on the vented side where the fan is.  I’m talking retarded hot, so I could see why this new shutdown routine has been added as a safety measure.  I wonder if it gives you any time to save your game before it hits the kill switch?  How bad would it suck to lose all of your game’s progress because your new 5th generation Xbox got too hot?  Mmmmm Beat!  You’ve been shut down due to overheating…

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