Xbox Support on Twitter Reaches out to Disgruntled Gamer Dealing With RROD Error

Last night while browsing my Twitter feed I witnessed how truly small this World has become now that we all can monitor each other via social networking tools.  I noticed one of my childhood buddies was having a terrible time with the Red Ring of Death Error plaguing his Xbox 360.  I knew this not through using the Force, but because he made a tweet that simply read, “F U microsoft and your Red Ring of Death!”  I felt for him, because like thousands of other Xbox gamers I have experienced the same BS, but at the same time I didn’t think he’d really get anywhere by telling MS to go f*ck themselves on Twitter.  I’m sure he did it out of frustration and not a cry for help, but surprisingly, that’s exactly what he received.

I kept following the thread while I sat in my man cave playing the Gears 3 Beta, and to my surprise the official @XboxSupport account reached out to my friend who just told they’re employer to stick its thumb where the Sun doesn’t shine.  I was completely amazed that they came to his aid via Twitter of all things!  It’s not like he posed a question to their account directly, so they must have a team of geeks monitoring Twitter for any references to Xbox, MS, RROD, etc.  They then tweeted to my buddy that they wanted to help him get things resolved in regards to his RROD issue, so now I was witnessing real-time Xbox support via Twitter.

I was absolutely blown away that a company as large as Microsoft had their ears that close to the street that they’d be able to pick up a single tweet from a Xbox 360 gamer in trouble.  There’s millions of Twitter users that also play their games on the Xbox 360, and I’m sure there’s been millions of tweets from gamers who have had issues while gaming, so I’m more than impressed that MS has a team standing bye in the Twitter-sphere to immediately address tweets that deal with their products.  In fact, I was so impressed that I got in on the tweeting by complimenting @XboxSupport for its customer care, and within a few minutes they reached out through Twitter and publicly thanked me (Aw people really do care about what I tweet…..sometimes)!

I was flabbergasted!  Anyone that uses Twitter knows that when you deal with large accounts like the Xbox Support one there’s a real slim chance that they’ll even see your tweet, so the fact that they saw my friends tweet, and then saw my own tweets on the matter, gives me hope that there can be peace on Earth after all.  In the end, they helped my friend identify his main issue, which was a faulty power supply.  He was more than grateful that they reached out to him through Twitter, and like I’ve been saying I was more than impressed that they reached out to him at all.  The whole experience opened up my eyes to how closely linked we are all now due to technology and the Geeks that make it awesome.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be able to follow a buddy who lives in NY and watch him get support from Xbox through Twitter.  It was just a surreal moment that shows even Mega-Corporations like Microsoft still care about its customers.  I’ve posted the tweets below so you can see how the whole saga played out on Twitter.  There’s still hope in this World, even for us commoners!  You’ve been unable to get “It’s a Small World Afterall” out of your head…

Twitter Conversation Between a P*ssed Off Gamer and @XboxSupport


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