Xmarks is the Spot for Syncing Bookmarks Across Browsers and Computers

If you’re like me you use more than one browser on your laptop, desktop, or even your mobile device, which can lead to continuity issues with your bookmarks.  For example, let’s say I add a bookmark to in Safari, but then I switch over to Chrome and have to do add it there as well.  It’s a cumbersome process that I didn’t want to manually monitor, so I needed a bookmark syncing solution.  I went on a search for an app/plugin that would achieve the bookmark syncing functionality that I was looking for, and luckily I found a great free app that is supported in most browsers to accomplish this.

I’m talking about Xmarks, which is a browser application that will automatically sync your bookmarks between different browsers, and even different devices.  This lightweight install is available for all of the popular browsers (complete list pictured below), and installs within seconds to get you up and running in the bookmark syncing business.  Once it is installed and running in each of the browsers you use, you’ll be syncing your new bookmarks in no time.  Essentially, Xmarks backs up your bookmarks to its online servers, which in turn allows you and/or your configured browsers to pull down those changes automatically, or on a manual basis if needed.

The Big “4” of Browsers are Supported

If I add a new bookmark to the bar in Safari it’ll show up in my Chrome bookmark bar without me having to do a damn thing!  It works in the reverse as well.  I can add something to Chrome, and it’ll eventually show up in Safari.  You can even sync open tabs across browsers as well, which is an added bonus for tab wh*res like myself.  Unfortunately, the tab syncing won’t work on Safari unless you spend a little cash, but it is free in the other browsers that are supported by Xmarks.

Rather than me ramble on I went ahead and put together a little demo of Xmarks in action, so if you need to see it before you try it I’ve got you covered.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use bookmark syncing program to keep all of those sites you love uniform across the various browsers you use to access them.  You’ve been needing to sync all of your dirty site bookmarks…

Xmarks Demo


Xmarks Download

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