Yarny, the protagonist of the upcoming puzzle platformer Unravel, has become something of a cult icon since first being seen at E3.

The cute yarn-based creature is simplistic, yet utterly charming, and has already created a sense of hype around Unravel.

At Gamescom, Yarny has reared his head once more, starring in a new gameplay trailer and set of screenshots for Unravel.

The trailer does a great job of showing Unravel’s intuitive, physics-based puzzles. Yarny traverses a seaside path, avoiding incoming waves as he attempts to cross from one side to another. It’s a bit slow, with Yarny opting for methodical movement as he solves puzzles to progress, but there’s definitely some interesting mechanics going on.

In addition to the trailer, a handful of new Unravel screenshots have also been released. Check them out in the gallery below.


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