Yelp Engineers Create the KegMate an iPad Controlled Beer Monitor!

Both geeks and beer lovers will marvel over the KegMate created by some fine geeks at Yelp.  These Canadians engineered an iPad to monitor and regulate a beer keg all with the swipe of a RFID card.  Basically, you walk up to the keg, swipe your card, it verifies your identity, and lets you poor a cold one.  But that’s not all!  After pouring the iPad will display how much you poured as well as let you rate your recent beverage.  They even built a browser widget to look up your beer keg stats while you’re surfing the Internet.  Once again geeks have proven that we are the coolest people on Earth, and Canada has proven that it isn’t a waste of space after all!  Check out the demo video below.  I promise you’ll dig it beer lovers!  You’ve been wanting one of these to prove to yourself that you’re an alcoholic…


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Via [intomobile via yelp]


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