Yes It’s Another iPad Post

Like most of the geek population who have a fixation on new man-toys I’m slightly obsessing over this thing.  I also finally figured out how to type it correctly, iPad not IPad.  I apologize Apple fanboys and Lord Jobs!  Today’s first iPad post deals with the dilemma of buying first-gen gadgets.  Are you the type of tech head that needs to have the cutting edge gadgets immediately, or do you stick to the gear head philosophy for cars and wait for the 2nd-gen model?

I fall in the middle on this debate.  I have a hard time not buying pimptastic tech right out of the gate, but I can wait when it’s warranted.  Actually, that may be a lie, but I have a feeling with my new job only making me a few cents a day I’ll be forced to wait on purchasing new gear, so I’m preparing for the waiting game.  Either way, you fall on one side or another.  Neither is the right way to do it, but each of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

In the case of the iPad what will you do?  Will  you get your hands on one ASAP, or will you wait until the inevitable 2nd-gen release down the road?  Apple is known for releasing some of the most creative gear on the planet, but at the same time they almost use that initial release as a beta testing program.  Look at the iPhone!  It’s already on its 3rd iteration in just 3 years, and each version added new tech that almost forces you to get the upgraded model.

You almost have to expect the iPad to go through the same journey.  Experts still can’t really predict how the device will even be used.  I have faith that within two or three months post launch the iPad, and its creative owners, will have found its niche, so the next question will be when is ‘X’ feature going to be added.  This is when Apple will go back to work, if they’re not already doing R&D on it, to launch iPad v2.  This version will have all the tweeks that the first-gen users wished their device had.  Now these early adopters will have the awful feeling of getting bamboozled.  Trust me I know the feeling, I was hosed with the Blackberry Storm and the release of Storm 2 a few months later.  It sucks ass!

Will you take the gamble, or are you going to wait for the real iPad?  I’m pretty sure if you haven’t pre-ordered one already, you don’t have to stress out about which model to buy this Saturday.  There won’t be too many to go around for the first few weeks, so this may ease your pain, but once they’re readily available will you go for it, or wait an unknown amount of time for [slider title=”iPad Deuce”]I think I should apply for the naming rights.  iPad Deuce, sounds catchy right?  I’m a genius in my own mind.[/slider]?

You’ve been enlightened…


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