Yes, Someone Actually Made Bloodborne’s Saw Cleaver

The weapons of Bloodborne are nothing if not fantastical. Known as “trick weapons” within the game’s canon, Bloodborne’s blades are a transforming bunch. They expand and contract, turning from singular striking tools into dastardly, creative weapons.

And clearly, they are the products of an inventive idea in a Gothic fantasy setting.

Until, that is, someone made them for real.

The “Man at Arms: Reforged” show on YouTube’s AWEme channel has a reputation for creating fiction’s most iconic weapons with real, cold steel. The Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne is the latest weapon the join the ranks of Man at Arm’a arsenal. Throughout the video, viewers are given a chance to see the effort that goes into creating such an amazing weapon, with metal worked, heated, and crafted into the wicked teeth of the Saw Cleaver.

Most impressive, however, is how the talented blacksmiths are able to create the spring-loaded handle that allows the Saw Cleaver to expand into its longer form. Ingenuity is the blacksmith’s greatest strength it seems, especially when it comes to creating seemingly impossible weapons.


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