Yet Another Dummy Hops the Fence in Philly

What the hell is wrong with these a-holes?  Another fame seeker ran onto the field yesterday in Philadelphia.  If you’re looking for some notoriety I wouldn’t recommend running on the field 1 day after a teen got his ass tasered.  The whole shock value of doing this brain dead act is diminished when it happens day after day.  Try waiting a few weeks, if not months, if you want to get on Sportscenter for being a degenerate.

This dude didn’t get the love that the teenager did.  The fans, obviously irritated by having another game delayed, started booing him and chanting, “Taser Him!”.  I love it.  The guy who ran on the field was smart enough to give up before getting tased, but for some reason he brought some weed on the field.

What a retard!  If you’re going to knowingly break the law why have an illegal plant in your possession?  It just goes to show you how intelligent people who jump fences are.  You’ve been arrested dummy…

No sound and the camera man blows, but here is the footage.  What a tool!


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Via [ESPN]


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