Yoga Babes and Achievements in Real Life Courtesy of Corridor Digital

It’s no secret that the boys of CorridorDigital are huge gamers, so it’s no surprise that their latest skit focuses on a recent trend in gaming, which is to offer gamers achievements for their in-game conquests.  This concept popped up with the introduction of the Xbox 360 way back in 2005, and since then it’s become a staple amongst every gaming platform except for Nintendo’s offerings.  Losers!

Anyway, CD has created a short that features real life achievements being unlocked for doing day-to-day things.  If that doesn’t interest you there’s also a really hot girl who bends over to pick up her keys while wearing a mini-skirt, which may be worth a viewing in itself.  Check out their Achievements short after the break.  You’ve been liking what yoga has done for pants, shorts, and females in general…


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