You Can be the Next WGC’s Ultimate Gamer

I’m not sure if many people caught the first season of WGC’s ‘Ultimate Gamer’, but it seems enough gamers did because they’re about to start auditioning for Season 2 next week.  The basic concept of the show is the reality competition format a la ‘Big Brother’, but it features gamers competing in the virtual arena as well as dingbat competitions that mimic gaming.

Honestly, being a gamer, I kind of enjoyed the show and found myself watching each week.  True to most reality shows ‘Ultimate Gamer’ makes you feel like you could be on the show as well.  I’d love to live in a loft and play games with other geeks and be on TV.  I’d love to win even more, so I could bring home $100,000 and a Samsung prize pack.

Check this link if you’re interested and live in the appropriate casting areas.  Casting will begin on April 7th in L.A., and make stops in New York, Chi-Town, and Hotlanta.  You can also go guerrilla style and mail in your own interview by April 9th.  If I get a bug up my ass maybe The EB will drop them a line!

You’ve been enlightened…

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