You can Play as Steve Jobs and Ronald McDonald in Soulcalibur V

That’s not a typo you read in this post’s title, because you really can play as Steve Jobs and other random characters in Soulcalibur V if you’ve got the artistic skills to create them.  Just like the last Soulcalibur game the fifth iteration also has a built in character editor, and if you have talents similar to the geeks over at Esuteru, you too can create some ultra-realistic fighters based on pop culture icons.  The thought of being able to wield Steve Jobs’ deadly apple weapon in a fighting game is almost rad enough to warrant a purchase of SCV.  I just wish I could read Japanese to see if Esuteru provided the details required to create Steve via the SCV character editor.

Want fries with that upper cut b*tch?

I was also impressed with the Ronald McDonald, but there are many more custom creations to behold.  If you’re interested in seeing the other wild characters that have been cooked up using the game’s editor head on over to Esuteru.  I’m not in the know when it comes to Japanese pop culture, but I’d imagine some of you anime and manga fans may recognize some of the other custom characters that have been created in SCV.  I’m thinking our resident character artist Perfected Kaos may need to get started on some custom SCV mods for us? You’ve been wishing Steve Jobs was in your roster of Soulcalibur V fighters…


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