You Can be In the Next X-Men Movie!

Well, more like someone with copious amounts of disposable income, but there is hope.  I guess CharityBuzz has an auction up right now to score a walk-on role in the next X-Men movie.  I think it’s a great idea to raise some money, but it almost makes me think that this is the true sign that the X-Men movie franchise has jumped the shark.

The first sign of shark jumping in my opinion came with the lack of an R rating for each of these films.  I mean I get why they have to be PG-13 a la the suits to make more money, but sometimes you need to stick to your guns.  There should be no movie that features Wolverine without massive amounts of blood and lost appendages.  How can a guy with the sharpest metal claws in the universe slash people up and not have one drop of red sweetness on his claws?  I liked his movie, but felt like the PG-13 rating really compromised the way the story was told.

Either way if you want to score a role in the next film head on over to CharityBuzz and make a bid.  I think it’s around 11K right now with expectations of it reaching 25K as the final worth.  You only have 2 days left to become the next pussified character in the X-Men movie franchise!

You’ve been enlightened…

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