You Have to Watch Spartacus Blood and Sand

I’ll be the first to admit that when I saw ads for “Spartacus Blood and Sand” I immediately dismissed it as a cheap “Rome” wannabe.  It wasn’t until I did the Netflix piece comparing the load times of the Wii and PS3 clients that I decided to give it a go.  I don’t have Starz, which the show airs on each Fridays at 10PM/EST, but I’ve got Netflix, the greatest thing since space travel.

I easily queued up the series on my Xbox 360 Netflix instant queue, and hunkered in for the first episode.  Boy was I initially wrong in dismissing this show!  Who knew Starz even put high-quality original programming out?  Anyway, what a masterpiece of over-the-top, stylized gore and nudity!!!  I felt like I was watching a continuous Roman orgy with massive amounts of blood and appendage loss.

The cinematography is unique in that it borrows its look from the graphic novel genre, and that “Merlin” TV movie that came out in the late 90’s.  Think of a cheaper looking “300” although bloodier and more graphic.  “Spartacus Blood and Sand” also implements the now over used bullet time effects originally found in “The Matrix”.  Trust me, the way it’s filmed is perfect and there’s nothing cheap about it.  My only complaint is that Netflix doesn’t offer an HD version in the instant queue.

If you are into history, and graphic stylized violence, I couldn’t recommend a better series to you.  It also has insane amounts of nudity and fornication, which should make the ladies happy, but nothing I’m into ; )  Guys, I’m telling you, this show makes “Rome” and “300” look like an episode of Sesame Street.  If you’re not ready to go outside in your underwear and start challenging your neighbors to a knife fight after watching the first episode, you may not be a man at all.  Ladies, the acting is surprisingly well executed and there’s a love story to follow, not to mention your guy may get a little frisky watching the nudy scenes, so that’s an extra bonus for you!

Add it to your Netflix instant queue immediately, or if you have Starz add it to your DVR schedule.  Trust me, if you dug “Gladiator”, “300”, or “Rome” “Spartacus Blood and Sand” will blow you away!  Check out this trailer to wet your appetite.


You’ve been enlightened gladiator style…


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