You’d Think This Saturn Video Was From a Movie

I just watched a mesmerizing video that Stephen Van Vuuren created by using the approach/orbiting shots taken from the Cassini spacecraft, which reached Saturn back in 2004.  He pieced all of the shots together to create this IMAX quality film, which isn’t finished yet but would lead anyone to believe that this was some sort of CGI laden effect shots.  It’s amazing to think that this video of Saturn was taken from actual pictures that a man-made spacecraft captured on its journey throughout our solar system.

When you see imagery like this it reminds you that our Universe is infinitely more spectacular than anything we can create with our own imaginations.  This clip also makes me wish that I lived in a time where space travel was as common as catching an STD in college.  If you need to just relax, or be reminded of how awesome Space really is, then I recommend that you watch this short clip of Van Vuuren’s Saturn imagery.  If anything, it proves that nature can still hang with all of the high-tech art  that man can create using computers.  Our Solar System truly is a magical place, especially when you get to see it in this form.  You’ve been needing a trip in Space…


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