You’ll Need Marcus Fenix’s Arms to Wield the New GOW Locust Hammerburst II Prop Rifle

Serious Gears of War fans, this collectible is for you! The new Gears of War 3 Locust Hammerburst II Prop Replica rifle from Project TriForce clocks in at 35 pounds and is 36-inches long, making it a massive collectible to wield in your puny hands. The size is so humongous that it looks like you need to be on serious amounts of steroids to wield one, just like the actual COG soldiers from the Gears franchise. There should definitely be a bicep size requirement slapped on this thing, that’s how freaking huge it is.

You can really see its girth in the video above, which is also probably why it costs $849.99 ($722.49 on sale) to own. The funny thing is it’s already  out of stock on Entertainment Earth’s website, so there is obviously interest from the Gears community. There’s also a pure gold version that PTWLH2Glgis limited to 100 pieces worldwide, but it is also out of stock. When did geeks get so rich? If you have to own one of these guns it looks like you can still pay full price for them on Project TriForce’s own site.

After checking it out in the video above let us know if you’d ever buy a collectible like this, or if its too pricey by leaving a comment down below.


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