Young Solo, Boba Fett, and Yoda Stand-Alone Films Rumored to be in the Works

boba fett stand alone movie

When Disney purchased Star Wars from Old King George they made it clear that they would liberally use the license to create a new Star Wars trilogy, as well as a host of other stand-alone projects set in the universe.  This week some heavy rumors have come out in regards to the latter with announcements that Disney is working on a Yoda movie, a Young Han Solo movie, and finally a Boba Fett focused movie.

Supposedly the Young Solo movie would take place during the prequels and the original trilogy, while the Boba Fett project would be centered around the time frame in between Episode IV and V.  No details have been reported on the Yoda movie.  As a long time fan I’m more than happy that new Star Wars movies are getting made, but I also feel like Disney is on the verge of saturating us with more Star Wars than we know what to do with.

If these projects are indeed legit, and they’re done well (Lawrence Kasdan is penning at least one of them), they could be awesome, but they could also be akin to the prequels.  There’s all kinds of scenarios to think about, and I’m all for these films if they’re tolerable, but it does beg the question: Is Disney already milking the life out of Star Wars?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave us a few comments after the break.  All of these projects are in rumor status as of right now, but there’s no doubt at least a few of them will get made.  Disney has made it clear that they plan on releasing Star Wars films on a yearly basis once Episode VII releases, so there’s a good chance these three stand-alones could be legit.  You’ve been thinking Disney may be on the verge of Star Wars overexposure…


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