Implementing RPG elements into certain genres of games can be difficult without coming off as too overbearing. Young Souls does this very well and offer a variety of play styles, which is pretty impressive considering the fact that it’s a beat-em-up. Castle Crashers also did this pretty well, but still felt more like an arcade game than anything, where you just kinda got stronger as it went along. Young Souls leans more towards the RPG side, letting players deck out their characters in different armor sets, with different kinds of weapons and items. There’s also a bunch of different kinds of magic spells, and all of these things can be set before you start a given mission.

This gave it a sort-of Monster Hunter feel, where the most recent item you acquired wasn’t necessarily the best for any given situation. Some areas and enemies are weak against certain elements, or can cause certain debuffs on you. Knowing ahead of time where you’re going, and knowing all of your equipment inside and out is very important. I messed around mostly with two-handed swords to beat the shit out of everything that stood before me, and that worked pretty well!

The part of the game that I didn’t get to play were the daytime sections, where you get to walk around a town and interact with the inhabitants. This’ll be a really important part of the finished game, and those parts along with the nighttime action parts will correspond with each other. I’m excited to experience both parts, and I think it legitimately has the opportunity to be a standout indie title! The art style, the way it’s used, the colors, everything also worked really well, the game was very pretty to look at. Enemy designs were also pretty fun, including bosses/mini bosses, so I’m really pumped to see what other kind of critters we get to beat down in the full game.

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